Hildring was a long-term project in collaboration with Oslo-based band Feenix Foundation as well as fellow animator Eiril Linge. ​​​​​​​
The project takes inspiration from Hamar (the hometown of the members of Feenix Foundation), the change of it's landscape through industrialisation and the writing of National Romantic author Hulda Garborg.
"The mighty old farms make firm and worthy guards around the frail church, that once, like a strange bird, landed amongst them and took it's humble place. Long ago, it was plucked for it's golden feathers. Hearts no longer throb towards it with hymns and worship."
Hulda Garborg, Hildring (1931)
I edited our animations together to create a sequence to be projected during a Feenix Foundation concert.​​​​​​​
Animated from photograph taken while walking in the forest in Hamar.
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