Response to a live brief from The Royal Opera House while studying at Kingston School of art.
Made in collaboration with: Heidi Prescott, Anastasia La Sala, Saida Mickeviciute & Sasha Tchernev.
I was responsible for the final concept as well as the linework up until 00:24.
We were put into small groups & given a short clip of music from a ballet or opera to create an animation to. The main objective of the brief was to show the appeal of the Opera House for a contemporary audience who would otherwise be intimidated by the class connotations that come with the stereotypical perception of the opera. 
We retold the Nutcracker as a Christmas office party gone wrong, drawing parallels with the fever dream overtones of the original story. 
Our piece was selected to be shown as part of The Royal Opera House's BP Big Screens event in 2019, being screened across the UK.
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